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Oysters (16,50 € to 29,70 €)

- Creuses de Bretagne "Pascal Magné" - n°3 et n°1 size
- Fines de Claire Marennes Oléron  - n°3 et n°2 size
- Spéciales de normandie Utah Beach - n°3 size
- Spéciales Perles de l’Impératrice «Joël Dupuch» - n°3 size
- Spéciales "Gillardeau" - n°2 size
- Spéciales Ostra Regal "famille Boutrais" - n°5 "Papillon" size
- Belons or flat - n°2 et n°00 size

Shellfish and seafood (4,50 € to 26 €)

- Clams
- Spanish mussels
- Shrimps
- Fresh cooked langoustines
- Whelks
- Prawns
- Small clams
- Fresh crab

Our seafood platters (36 € to 79 €)

All our platters can be prepared for one or more people according to your desire

Oyster selection
2 flat n°2, 2 n°3 size Claires, 2 n°2 size Claires, 2 n°3 size Creuses oysters, 2 n°5 size Spéciales, 2 n°3 size Spéciales

Tasting platter

3 n°5 size Spéciales, 3 n°3 size Claires and 3 n°3 size Creuses oysters, 3 Spanish mussels, 3 prawns, whelks and shrimps

1/2 canadian lobster, 1/2 crab, 3 langoustines, 4 prawns, shrimps

Auberge platter
7 n°3 size Creuses, 2 n°2 size Claires, 2 n°5 size speciales, small clams, 3 spanish mussels, 1 clam, 1 crab, 3 prawns, langoustines, whelks, and shrimps

Prestige platter
3 n°3 size Claires, 3 n°3 size Spéciales and 3 n°3 size Creuses oysters, whelks, 5 prawns, 3 langoustines and 1 Canadian lobster.

Starters (8,50 € to 24 €)

Duck foie gras with apple chutney
Beech-smoked Scottish salmon
Salad of fennel cooked in orange
Olivette tomatoes marinated with basil and burrata
Fried squid with tartare sauce
Fish soup served with rouille and croutons
Sea bream tartare with lime cream and pink radish
Avocado and prawn tartare with a passion fruit dressing
Large Burgundy snails served in their shells (6 or 12 pieces)

Fish (24 € to 44,50 €)

Wild cod with crushed potatoes and sauce vierge
Scallops cooked provençal style with a creamy risotto
Grilled gilthead bream, beurre blanc sauce flavoured with aniseed, slow-cooked fennel
Just seared tuna in sesame seeds with a soy sauce dressing
Fine sole dry griddled or with lemon butter

Meat (34 € to 75 €)

Grilled fillet of beef with béarnaise sauce
Generous pan-fried beef ribsteak
Griddled rib of beef with béarnaise sauce, for two people
Fine veal chop, simply cooked with fresh thyme jus

Our speciality dishes (19 € to 33,50 €)

Beef tartare of lean meat "minced to order and prepared as you like it"            
Browned calves' sweetbreads with seasonnal fresh vegetables
Whole or finely sliced veal kidney with wholegrain mustard sauce
Duck breast from South-West France with soft red fruits

Selection of matured cheese (12 €)

Including «Caves Gabriel Coulet» Roquefort, served with a glass of Porto Sagrès LBV.

Desserts (7,50 € to 12,50 €)

Selection of ice creams and sorbets (traditionally made)              
Gourmet baba soaked in Saint James amber rum
Crème brûlée with brown sugar and vanilla
Traditional Paris Brest
Pineapple and mango carpaccio with wild strawberry sorbet and a chocolate crisp
Profiteroles prepared to order: 3 choux puffs with pistachio ice cream and a pot of hot chocolate
Fine apple tart with vanilla ice cream
Prunes in Armagnac
Moist chocolate cake

Special ice cream (with alcohol)
Colonel : freshly-squeezed lemon juice sorbet, vodka
Williams : Williams pear sorbet, pear liqueur
After Eight : dark chocolate ice cream, whisky jameson
Antillean : rum-raisin ice cream, St James rum

Specialties Meat and Seafood
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